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  • Try to resolve the dispute with the merchant directly
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Signs of Online Fraud

There are many signs that point to online fraud and scams. By learning and paying attention to these signs you can avoid becoming a victim.

  1. Flashy Advertising -- this type of advertising is typically seen in emails and pop up banner ads and attempts to blind consumers to the scam.
  2. High Pressure Sales -- companies who claim they have limited availability or pressure you for an immediate response is a good indication of online fraud.
  3. Requests for Cash Payments via Courier or Overnight Delivery - typically a sign that the seller wished to bypass postal fraud laws.
  4. ***!!!Free!!!*** -- Nothing is Ever FREE! These companies typically request money later or for you to pay an up front fee.
  5. Get Rich Quick -- The Internet has provided another venue for con artists to pitch get rich quick schemes at a large audience, pitching that large sums of money can be made with little time and no effort through Internet related businesses. The only winner in these situations is the con artist.
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