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I Have a Problem, Now What? Take Action!

  • Try to resolve the dispute with the merchant directly
  • Take your complaint up with the Better Business Bureau
  • Report the fraud to the proper authorities

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The realities of shopping online are that you have to provide some personal information about yourself to the online store if you make a purchase. Usually, you provide your postal address for shipping and you provide financial information (credit card info) for payment. Reputable merchants will tell you how they will use this information in their posted privacy policies. Because information is being transmitted more and more online, fraud is an ever-present concern. It is important to observe certain precautions in order to ensure that the information you give out while shopping online is not used fraudulently. Follow the below Tips, use the Tools and, when necessary, Take Action to help preserve your privacy and prevent fraud.

Tips for ShoppingTips

Use these tips to become a savvy online shopper. Tips include: dealing with reputable merchants, making secure purchases, spotting fraud, and taking precautions to keep from getting scammed. And remember, always read a Web site's privacy policy.

Tools for ShoppingTools

Your head is the best tool to protect your purchases and your personal information while shopping online. However, they are some tools available to help you quickly and efficiently assess a web site's privacy policy. More Information.

Take ActionTake Action

Often times it is difficult to detect when your privacy has been comprimised online, and even if you do suspect trouble, it can be even more difficult to find the right authority to contact. As a consumer, it is important to report such violations. In this section find places to file complaints with the appropriate authorities. More Information.

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