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Opera 6 & 5.01

Below are links to video tutorials that teach you how to change your Opera browser setting to control information about your surfing preferences and patterns. The Opera Privacy menu separates the browser settings into three separate sections within the Privacy menu. First, basic privacy options are included in the top drop down menu. The second drop-down menu includes advanced settings and applies to all the settings in the first menu, except "Do not accept cookies". There are also several additional settings located within the privacy menu. These settings are not contingent on any of the other settings within this menu. Each of the video illustrations is accompanied by step-by-step text instructions.

Basic Privacy Options available in the top drop-down menu: Options include accepting cookies only from Web sites you choose, rejecting cookies from all Web sites and warning you before the placement of cookies.

Advanced Privacy Options available within the second drop-down menu: Options include accepting cookies only from the Web site you are visiting and rejecting cookies from third-party Web sites.

Other Privacy Options available within the Privacy menu: Options include throwing away cookies when exiting Opera and preventing Web from knowing where you came from (i.e. who referred you).

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