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Tools to Control Cookies

Below are several options to controlling first and third party cookies. You can use these tips and tools together or seperately.

Change your browser settings to control cookies.

Macintosh Users
Learn how to control the browser settings on a Mac.

Using the links below, you can learn how to change the preferences in your Web browser to prevent Web sites from using cookies to track your browsing patterns and preferences. Select the Web browser you are currently using to learn how to change these preferences [Not sure which Web browser you are using?].

Opt-out of profiling by network advertisers

The major Network Advertisers have established a Web site that allows users to opt-out of this type of profiling. More information

Search for other tools

What the tool does:
Manages cookies
Manages computer history/cache
Hides browsing information
Is an anonymous Internet Service Provider

Type of Computer:

More Information on these Categories

Manages Cookies

These tools may prevent or restrict cookies being placed on your computer. Since cookies may be used to track the sites you visit on the Internet, managing cookies can protect your privacy and also limit the amount of online advertising you receive.

Manages Computer History/Cache

These tools prevent information about your online activities from being stored on your hard drive. Or they may periodically purge your "history" or "cache" by deleting this information from your hard drive. While a cache may make it easier for you to revisit a site, many users consider having this information stored about them a privacy risk.

Hides Browsing Information

Prevents Web sites from being able to view your IP address, browser type or operating system while you browse.

Is an Anonymous Internet Service Provider

An anonymous ISP doesnŐt store personally identifiable information and therefore is incapable of disclosing that information to others.

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