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Tips for BrowsingTips

  • Change your Web browser's cookie settings -- Before you decide to change your brower's cookie setting, first learn a little more about cookies. If you're concerned about cookies tracking the Web pages you visit, the tools section will walk you through how to change the cookie settings of your Web browser with animated video tutorials. More Information.
  • Purge from your home computer traces of your Web travels -- Our Sharing section shows users how they can prevent people with whom they share their computer from viewing traces of their web travels. If you would rather people in your home, apartment or dorm room from seeing which Web sites you've visited, learn how to delete those traces from your computer. More Information.
  • Always read privacy policies of the sites you frequent -- Many Web sites will provide information about whether -- and for what purpose -- they use cookies. Just as it's important to read a privacy policy when shopping, you should also read a privacy policy to determine how a site uses information gathered from your cookies. The privacy policy may also tell you whether they merge that cookie information with your name and contact information (assuming you provided it to them). More information on reading a privacy policy.
  • Opt-out of profiling by Network Advertisers -- Since Network Advertising Companies serve up many of the Web page advertisements you see on Web sites across the Internet, they are in a unique position to view your browsing patterns. You can prevent them from creating a profile from your browsing patterns by visiting their Web site at More Information.

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