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Many Web sites record which pages your browser explores while you are within their Web site, using small files called cookies. Examples of how cookies are used includes keeping a "shopping cart" of items you are buying or remembering your address or other key information so you don't have to reenter it each time you visit. Depending on your privacy concerns, you have the option to limit or prohibit cookies on your computer.

Other cookies, used mostly by advertisers, are called third-party cookies, because they are maintained by Web sites other than the one you're visiting. Some people choose to limit only these third-party cookies.

Tips for ShoppingTips

Learn more about cookies, view animated video tutorials on managing your browser's cookie settings and you can also learn to how to erase traces of your Web travels that are left on your computer. More Tips.

Tools for ShoppingTools

Almost all Web browsers contain tools to control cookies and the tools section walks you through how to change the cookie settings of your Web browser with animated video tutorials. Options include: Internet Explorer Version 6 and Version 5, American Online Version 8, Versions 7 & 6 and Version 5, Netscape Navigator Version 7,Version 6 and Version 4.5, and Opera Versions 6 & 5. The tools section also shows you how to opt-out of profiling by network advertisers. If you're concerned about others viewing traces of your online travels on your home computer, visit the sharing section to erase those traces. More Tools.

Take ActionTake Action

Often times it is difficult to detect when your privacy has been comprimised online, and even if you do suspect trouble, it can be even more difficult to find the right authority to contact. As a consumer, it is important to report such violations. In this section you will find ways to file complaints with the appropriate authorities. More Information.

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