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As the Internet has grown in complexity, many consumers feel they may be disclosing information about themselves and their online travels that they'd rather keep private. GetNetWise provides information about tools and techniques to better control how much personal information you share with online stores, Web sites, emailers, chatters and other people who may use your computer.


Learn about tips and tools to protect your privacy while surfing across the Web. Learn about cookies, how they affect your privacy and how you can control them.


Discover how to safely shop online while limiting the amount of information you share with others. Learn to identify online fraud and prevent it. You can also learn how to read a privacy policy.


Ensure that your communications via e-mail are secure and private. Learn about tools to prevent unwanted e-mails and what to do if you think your privacy has been invaded.


Limit the amount of information that others can view and retrieve from your computer, erase local traces of your Web travels, keep local files private and hidden from view, and keep passwords to yourself.

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